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"My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?" — David Mitchell

Watching the Sunset from Sunset

Posted from Culver City, California at 4:40 pm, February 18th, 2007

In an effort to prove that we don’t have a gambling problem, Aaron, Charlie Chi and myself made yet another excursion to Vegas last week. I proved to be a lucky charm (for the casinos), and shortly after I arrived Aaron and Chi’s winnings had turned to losses. My own luck was rather terrible as well, and my losing streak at Let-It-Ride now stands at twelve straight hands. The slot machines treated us better, and we managed a slow bleed with occasional big wins, including a $75 jackpot for me that ended my gambling for the weekend.

In other ways life is trudging along as normal, so rather than bore with details of my days spent programming at DirecTV, here are a few other noteworthy events going on in the world:

  • SpaceX is planning their second launch attempt for early March. Provided it goes off without a hitch then space travel is suddenly three times less expensive.
  • MIT is working on a plan that would put huge floating wind turbines a hundred miles offshore, generating enormous amounts of power while avoiding the “not in my backyard” complaints of those with oceanside vacation homes.
  • Lost is still a ridiculously good show.
  • Boeing’s new 787 airplane looks very cool. Bigger windows, a more comfortable cabin, and lots of other goodies in addition to better fuel efficiency to make the airlines happy.
  • The combination of Open Office.org and KDE running on Linux is looking better and better. In another year or two I suspect I might be done with running Windows.

Yes, I’m a big dork, but technology is cool. And of course, here’s the obligatory pretty picture:

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon, seen back when I was retired.

4 responses to “Watching the Sunset from Sunset”

  1. Awesome pic! Makes me want to go to The Grand Canyon right away!

    Anyways, happie 2007! I know its a tad too late but we Chinese are just celebrating our Lunar Chinese New Year this weekend! 🙂

    And I just found out that you actually have a link to my blog in your journal! Cool bananas!

    When are you coming to Asia again? I am still trying to arrange for a trip to the US to catch Blue Man with you! 🙂

    Take care!

    1. of course your blog is linked from here – everyone needs to know about the coolness that is jane. i don’t know if i’ll be traveling ANYWHERE for a while since i’m working a lot, but some day i’ll make it back over to asia… who knows when it will be, but when the day finally arrives you’ll have to introduce me to the little dog of yours and then we can head out and enjoy all of the awesome food that you seem to like to photograph so much 😛

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