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Dookie on the Trail

Posted from Culver City, California at 11:42 am, June 30th, 2011

Here’s a summary of last weekend’s trip to the Bay Area:

  • Saturday night and Sunday morning turned into another Brother Day event, with appearances from mom and the Skipper. Arrival in Concord on Saturday afternoon involved an ever-so-delicious Zachary’s pizza. Following that, Aaron and I set off on a hike up Mt. Diablo that ended up being both scenic and tick-filled, with much sweating, many turkeys, a few lizards, and some dookie on the trail. After rootbeer floats at Mudville Grill we cajoled Ma & Pa into a little basketball, where Ma surprised us all with her underhand shooting prowess. The festivities came to an end after a night spent at Aaron’s new temporary home in North Beach and a massive breakfast burrito.
  • At noon on Sunday the former roommates of Otterson Court got together again for the first time in nearly nine years. Unsurprisingly JB was initially a no-show, but he finally arrived after being bombarded by incessant text messages and threats to toilet paper his house, apologized for being late, and redeemed himself by offering a tour of the Tesla showroom and headquarters. From humble beginnings in the garage at Otterson and the living room in Glendale, JB’s cars have come a very, very long way – the Roadster is an awfully fun vehicle, and the Model-S is looking pretty badass.
  • After the Tesla tour I got a late start back to LA, got stuck in traffic, and ended up getting home after 11PM. Since I hadn’t run yet, and since missing a single day is just the excuse I need to quit altogether, it was a very tired Ryan that slogged six laps around Raintree Circle late Sunday night.

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