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On Safari

Posted from Culver City, California at 5:42 pm, May 24th, 2011

The second Brother Day took place over the weekend in San Diego. The quick and dirty summary:

  • I headed down to San Diego on Saturday night and the Goob and I went for a run around the bay before sitting down to a meal of Thai food and a hatefully respectful showing of Get Him to the Greek.
  • The thought-provoking question of the weekend was “What person, real or fictional, wanted something the most?” After extensive consideration of everything from Woody’s quest for a twinkie in Zombieland to the terminator’s relentless pursuit of Sarah Connor, Gollum’s never-ending mission to regain the Ring emerged as the victor.
  • Sunday was spent at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The park’s lorikeet exhibit was a highlight, and we arrived early enough that the lorikeet hunger meter was still on extreme. Also, due to the open air habitats the park turns out to be a great place for native California animals, so in addition to the giraffes, elephants, tigers, red river hogs and Eric the baby rhino, the park was the best viewing of egrets I’ve ever seen, and also home to somewhere around sixty-three billion baby toads.

Aaron and the Rainbow Lorikeets

Aaron and the Rainbow Lorikeets. Sounds like a band name.

The Holliday Brothers on Safari

The Holliday Brothers on Safari. That would make a good album name.

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