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The Red Center

Posted from Alice Springs, Northern Territory at 5:40 am, May 24th, 2024

Today was a travel day from Perth to Adelaide to Alice Springs. We arrived in Alice Springs at sunset and only had time to get to our hotel and eat dinner, but we’re setting out first thing in the morning on a six-hour bus ride to see what the middle of Australia is like. Our eventual destination is Uluru (more commonly known as Ayers Rock until 1993). While we could have flown there directly, with most of our trip focused on Australia’s coast I wanted to spend a bit of extra time seeing what the red center is like, and Audrey surprisingly agreed to join me on a horrendously long and dusty bus ride that I’m hugely excited about.

In the mean time, spending the day on planes and in airports allowed me to finally finish editing down a massive amount of underwater GoPro video into something that is borderline watchable, so below is a four minute collection of highlights from our diving with Hama and Lynny in Christmas Island – click the “Watch on YouTube” link for the best quality version.

Underwater scenes from four days of diving on Christmas Island, including my attempts to not be eaten by giant trevally.

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  1. Wonderful and WOW! You saw A LOT of amazing sea creatures!!! So many gorgeous animals! I love the trevally–a classic! I love them ALL, really! Giant clams and scallops are so incredible….lots of eels! What a great trip–great dives! I also enjoy the Sci Ry names attached to the creatures. AND…a mermaid showed up!!! Amazing! FUN! Thanks for the vicarious vacation 🙂

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