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Posted from Cleveland, Ohio at 6:42 pm, September 29th, 2021

Audrey turned to me at one point today and said “Cleveland is pretty awesome”; obviously we’re hitting all of the highlights while the weather is great, and I may have to bring her back some time in February to give her a more authentic Cleveland experience.

That said, it was a pretty good day. Case Western Reserve University, my alma mater, has gotten a lot nicer since I was a student here, and I spent a couple of hours roaming the campus in the early morning. Once Audrey was awake and caffeinated I gave her a quick campus tour (“that’s the building whose roof is perfectly shaped to form twenty foot icicles in winter, forcing them to shut down the sidewalks so that no one gets impaled”) before we headed over to University Circle and the Art museum and Natural History museum.

The tour continued through Shaker Heights where I grew up. We stopped at several of my old haunts including my dad’s old church, and while the caretaker was initially suspicious of the bald weirdo claiming to be a former pastor’s kid, he eventually let us in to see the sanctuary, the first time I’ve been in the place in about twenty-five years. Our day finished with a drive through Lake View Cemetery, where a number of Cleveland luminaries including John D. Rockefeller and President James A. Garfield are buried.

I don’t have any photographs to share for the day, but we were thrilled to discover that the “Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video” series became a trilogy a couple of years ago when the town hosted the MLB All-Star game, enjoy:

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  1. Those videos are hysterical! I like it when you travel and I get to see places I will probably never visit – like Turkey, and Kenya, and Cleveland . . .

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