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The Day of Many Waterfalls

Posted from Niagara Falls, New York at 7:09 pm, September 27th, 2021

Audrey says we got 16,000 steps today, which is apparently a lot. I’m writing this while nodding off, so however many steps we got, it was definitely a full day.

Yesterday Audrey’s mom sent a text suggesting that we investigate Letchworth State Park and its famous waterfalls, and since we didn’t really have other plans that seemed like a fine way to start the day. The park’s three waterfalls really are quite impressive, and we spent a bunch of time roaming the canyon rim.

From there it was a meandering trip through rural New York and up to Niagara Falls. While Letchworth was pretty, Niagara is ridiculous. A bunch of sights on this trip were smaller than what I remember from childhood, but Niagara Falls is even bigger. Standing right at the edge as 75,000 gallons per second drop 167 feet is a none-too-shabby way to end the day, and we’re staying less than a mile away from the Falls tonight with plans to continue the visit tomorrow morning.

Vulture, Letchworth State Park
Vulture, Letchworth State Park. This photo is my favorite of the trip thus far.
American Falls, Niagara Falls
American Falls, Niagara Falls. Note the seagull taking a bath at the very edge.

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    1. I remember the name “Letchworth State Park”, but I have zero memory of ever seeing the park. But I hit my head a lot when I was young, and that brain trauma may finally be catching up to me.

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