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Night Critters

Posted from Culver City, California at 5:03 pm, September 7th, 2020

When we first moved in Audrey purchased a handful of internet-enabled cameras to use for security. They give her peace of mind, and she actually captured video of someone stealing a Halloween decoration out of our yard a few years ago, as well as a blurry video of a car theft on our street last Christmas Eve.

Recently Nest (Google) changed their subscription model so that we no longer have to pay per-camera to have video processed and stored in the cloud, and with there no longer being a disincentive to having lots of cameras I decided to expand our use of cameras beyond security. Six shiny new Nest Outdoor cams arrived in the mail a few months ago, providing Audrey with a couple of upgraded cameras for security, giving me a rat cam for the attic (just in case the little buggers ever try to move back in), and, most importantly, giving us a possum cam, a bird feeder cam, and a squirrel cam for the backyard. Getting a notification on our phones at night when the cameras detect motion, or checking in the morning to see whether it was a possum, raccoon, skunk, or someone else who visited in the night, have become some of our new favorite activities.

This is Blaine, one of several possums that like to come by each night and rid our backyard of insects.
Striped Skunk
Dale, with her prominent racing stripes, has only started visiting Casa Neosho in the last few weeks. Her favorite hobbies are digging holes and then eating whatever is at the bottom of those holes.

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