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Bahama Shorts Fidel Castro

Posted from Cozumel, Mexico at 9:06 pm, June 16th, 2011

We’ve been pretty lucky with timing on this trip, as today’s example proved: for no particular reason we decided not to schedule any SCUBA diving for the day, and overnight a sore throat I’ve been fighting turned into a full-blown cold. For those who have never been diving, a cold equals sinus issues which in turn means you can’t equalize pressure as you dive which in turn means that it feels like someone is pounding on either side of your head with a sledge hammer the deeper you go. Long story short: good day not to be eighty feet underwater.

In lieu of diving we lounged around and then headed into town, where every shopkeeper in Mexico ran out to tell us about the amazing things we had to see inside of his/her store. Surprisingly, the amazing things almost always turned out to be sombreros or t-shirts with classy slogans like “I chased tail in Cozumel, Mexico”; I did not make any purchases. I did, however, find the awesome Bahama-shorts clad Fidel Castro pictured below outside of a cigar shop, which made the whole trip to town more than worthwhile. The day’s other noteworthy highlight was waking up to discover the world’s largest cruise ship docked just down the coast – any horror at the thought of a 6,000 passenger edifice to overindulgence was more than overcome by seeing an 1,187 foot engineering marvel that dwarfed the cruise ship docked next to it.

Whale Shark near Isla Mujeres

Me and Bahama-shorts Fidel Castro. Photo by Audrey, although to her credit I forced her to take it and she mumbled “I can’t believe I’m dating you” while doing so.

3 responses to “Bahama Shorts Fidel Castro”

  1. I love all of this. When you wake up in the morning to see your brother standing with Fidel it’s all worth it. Grape toe, huh huh.

    1. I like that I post videos of Audrey and I swimming with whale sharks, but it’s Bahama-shorts-wearing Fidel Castro that finally got you to comment.

      Castro is pretty awesome looking though.

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