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"My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?" — David Mitchell

Course Change

Posted from St. Louis, Missouri at 8:31 pm, December 16th, 2010

Before yesterday the trip’s direction generally led away from home, but starting today the distance from Culver City will begin shrinking. At the farthest point I think the Subaru was 2050 miles from his home, although at the moment that distance is down to just 1852 miles (“1 day 7 hours with traffic”). Kansas, Oklahoma, and a visit to Aaron in Vail lie in between. For the more immediate future, I haven’t quite figured out tomorrow’s plan. A quick visit to St. Louis seems like the leading option since, despite two visits to this city during college, all that I’ve seen is the track on the campus of Washington University and a park that they use for cross-country meets.

Looking back at the past two weeks, this trip started without a real plan aside from trying to visit some new places and to get out on the road. Unlike some trips, I didn’t try to stay anywhere long enough to get to know it – this trip ended up being more about constantly experiencing something new, and I think that has worked out for the best. Driving along and seeing the landscape change, talking to different people, eating different foods, and all the while recognizing that despite the differences it’s all part of the same country has been revitalizing. While it has its faults, the US really is an amazing place, and seeing so much of it in a short time provides a good reminder why I wouldn’t really ever want to settle down somewhere else.

2 responses to “Course Change”

  1. I am late to the party! Did I hear that Dr. Ryan is back on the road?

    I am glad you are enjoying your road trip and you finally gotta chance to get out of your man cave and explore some real caves 🙂

    I will go ahead and say what everyone else has in mind; we are extremely jealous! Who do you think you are? just wandering the country without a purpose, get back to your cave, get to coding and be like the rest of us 🙂

    If you make it all to the east coast you know where to drop by (yea we need babysitters so we can go out lol)

    Enjoy you trip! and as usual awesome photos, the Saturn Rocket, the VLA, and the Chandelier photos were my favorite.

    1. I figured you would disapprove of the fact that I didn’t put my car in every photo 😛 Thanks for the comments – I’m heading back towards California now, so I won’t get a chance to meet mis-named Little Ryan in person, but next time you’re out here I’ll be happy to watch him for a bit and see what I can do about getting him the correct name.

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