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The Only Certain Thing is Uncertainty

Posted from Mandeville, Louisiana at 8:29 pm, December 10th, 2010

I met an old friend from the long-ago Andersen Consulting days for lunch today and partook of barbecued oysters and a shrimp & oyster po’boy – New Orleans continued to impress with its food. Cregan was brave enough to bring his wife along, and hopefully I didn’t frighten her too badly. His life since last we spoke included buying a house in New Orleans thirty-one days before Katrina – apparently insurance kicks in on day thirty, so he is insanely lucky if such a thing can be said of someone whose house ended up under five feet of water.

The day’s other activities included more roaming the streets of New Orleans, more wildlife refuge visits, and, after two horrid and uncomfortable nights of beds and showers, a joyous return to sleeping in the back of the car. The plan for tomorrow is to invade Mississippi, although thus far on this trip I’ve gotten distracted by everything from bridges to birds to trees to massive radio telescopes, so no plan is in any way certain.

Gas Lamps in the French Quarter

Gas lamps in the French Quarter.

St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans

St. Louis Cathedral. A man with a name tag explained all of the flags, but I was clearly not paying close enough attention to be able to relay any information that is even moderately accurate.

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    1. Sadly since New Mexico I haven’t gotten any photos that are worth sharing, despite seeing some really cool stuff. Today, with the snow I didn’t even take any photos. To compensate for the lack of recent images I’ve added a couple of marginal photos to this post, but provided there is decent light I will endeavor to get at least one photo tomorrow that is worth posting 🙂

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