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Falling Slowly

Posted from Park City, Utah at 5:30 pm, February 26th, 2010

Since putting a bird feeder outside several months ago the house has become a bit of a Disney movie – finches gather by the dozen, ducks hang out looking for spilled seeds, and increasingly-round squirrels discover surprising ways of invading the feeder. After our third feeder became a victim of the squirrels – they somehow managed to chew off a metal perch – the sad decision was made to move to a more squirrel-proof feeder. The Squirrel Buster 9000 arrived a few days ago, and this picture (by Audrey) does a decent job of capturing the frustration of our furry little friends.

The Squirrel Buster 9000 in action

The Squirrel Buster 9000 in action. Photo by Audrey.

5 responses to “Falling Slowly”

  1. Hi Audrey and Ryan,
    I’ll bet that cute little squirrel will figure out how to drop the Squirrel Buster 9000 to the ground soon.
    Sure hope I’m wrong – but nice try anyway.
    Love, Mom

  2. So far we seem to have them baffled… they haven’t figured out how to climb down to the perches yet, and if they do the bottom half of the feeder is spring activated and drops two inches, so they can’t get to the food. That said, I’m still mystified by how they chewed off a metal perch from the last feeder, so I wouldn’t be surprised to come out one day and find a squirrel with a tiny hacksaw sawing away at the metal connectors.

    1. I’ve been bribing the squirrels by dumping a cup of food on the ground under the feeder every morning. So far they’ve accepted the bribery and haven’t felt the need to brandish their mini-hacksaws.

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