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"My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?" — David Mitchell

We are Witnesses

Posted from 25,000 feet above Monterey, California at 4:10 pm, January 25th, 2009

Aaron’s Christmas present this year was two tickets to the Cavs vs. Warriors game in Oakland. Result: awesome. Lebron James proved strong enough to break the decades-long Holliday brother jinx on all Cleveland sports teams by hitting the game winning shot as time expired. Aaron and I were present eleven rows behind the Cavs bench wearing huge, curly brown Anderson Varejao wigs, and even the Warriors fans sitting around us seem stoked to have us there. In addition to some awesome basketball the night’s highlights included the courtside arrival of George Lucas (kid behind us: “Dad, who works for him?”, father: “Everyone.”) and some unbelievable intermission entertainment. The halftime entertainment saw the world’s most flexible man, who showed up in a tiny box and then fit his body through a tennis racket and a toilet seat. A timeout brought four short guys and a trampoline, leading to some of the most impressive dunks (think double back flips) that I’ve ever seen. There were cheerleaders (Cheerleaders are pretty…), drummers, t-shirt launches, pizza giveaways, and all manner of craziness.

The weekend’s other highlight was Aaron’s new best friend, Hanford. The puppy arrived on Wednesday and has since taken over Aaron’s life, getting him up through the night, finding all manners of rocks to eat, and generally behaving as you would expect a puppy to behave. The little guy is a bull mastiff, which apparently means that “little guy” will only apply for about a month, and also means that his back hips work on some sort of a pivot, giving him a distinctly tank-like walk. There was much bouncing, biting, chewing, and general mayhem throughout the three days that Hanford made my acquaintance.

Aaron & Hanford

Aaron & Hanford.

Me & Aaron

Me & Aaron, lookin’ pimp with some delicious chicken tacos.

Lebron James

Lebron, tossin’ some chalk.

5 responses to “We are Witnesses”

    1. “weird ‘fro” ??? that thing is all kinds of awesome!

      also, ego-stroking is always much appreciated. and if this is sunny as in carrie sunny, happy belated birthday to you.

    1. You are invited to visit these pictures which should satisfy your requirements. Sadly due to an unexpected change in living situation Hanford is now Harvey and is living with another family, but Aaron has retained visitation rights so we may still be able to watch him morph into a 160 pound drooling beastimal.

      1. oh, that’s sad! or maybe not? those pictures are fantastic, thank you for fulfilling my puppy photo gazing for the day.

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