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Sponsored by Speedo

Posted from Culver City, California at 10:55 pm, April 17th, 2007

Aaron Holliday, Triathalete

Aaron Holliday, triathalete. Brought to you by Speedo.

7 responses to “Sponsored by Speedo”

    1. no one should be fooled by the mock indignation – aaron shows this photo off to everyone he meets. besides that, just knowing that jason will read this entry and immediately think “i really didn’t need to see that” while scott will read it and then run out to buy himself a speedo, makes it all good.

          1. Buy a Speedo!?! Phhssst, I am gonna get a thong. Thongs are way better for athletics. They have a more breathable design, and they support your “junk” in a sexy way.

          2. I had a thong on but halfway through the bike it snapped off so I had to use my back up speedo.

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