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More of the Same

Posted from Culver City, California at 8:30 pm, April 22nd, 2006

I just pushed a bunch of updates onto rodplanck.com, specifically several new photo galleries. Rod and Marlene are best described as super-awesome, and Rod’s photos are pretty special and definitely worth checking out – I was standing next to him for a bunch of his recent Antarctica shots, so looking at his stuff provides a great example of how beautiful the place really was and how the photos should have been taken.

The Galapagos trip sets sail in just under two weeks, so a new batch of stories and photos on this site should be forthcoming. I may also try to head out on a short road trip just to get back into travel mode, although I’m mildly concerned that the Subaru, with just under 150,000 miles on it, may be getting ready to explode, so that’s putting a bit of a damper on the prospect of heading hundreds of miles out into the desert. Only a bit of a damper.

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    1. the suby’s end was more likely to include the line “and they found him there by his car three weeks later, one hundred miles from the nearest town”. as a result i’ll sadly not have a great story as i’m off to pick up “son of suby” tomorrow morning.

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