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Posted from Studio City, California at 2:30 pm, October 9th, 2005

The new roommate has been demonstrating amazing tolerance by putting up with me on various excursions around LA. Unlike past times where I’ve lived in this city, this time it’s actually been fun. A couple of weeks ago we hit the Rainbow, a metal bar on Sunset. I’m not particularly knowledgeable about metal, but Audrey was pointing out the various folks who were roaming about. Last night’s entertainment was the Foxfire Room, followed up with a trip to the Wine Bistro on Ventura, somewhere where she claims to have not only danced on the bar, but been reduced to a state where the owner had to drive her home on multiple occasions. JB, the owner, did not deny these stories.

Upcoming events include a visit to one of her more famous client’s house to install a recording studio, and a concert on Monday by Cecilia Bartoli — I know nothing about opera, but in addition to being a metal-head Audrey’s got three years of training in classical opera. I still am and will always be a northern California boy, but at least for the moment the city of angels isn’t looking quite so bad.

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    1. you need to check your email mr. gallaway. give me a call when you get into town and my crazy roommate and i will be happy to show you the less crappy side of LA. plus we can eat sandwiches at the place with sawdust on the floor.

      1. as you know, i like anything that’s a little messy, so sawdust is good. sorry about the not checking email. i think i responded about the same second that you left this comment. . .

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