Climate Template Generator

This tool can be used to generate a Wikivoyage {{climate}} template for places in the United States that is pre-populated using public domain climate data from NOAA.


  1. Select a state from the drop-down. Wait patiently (up to 30 seconds) until the station drop-down populates.
  2. Select a station from the drop-down. In some cases station names might not be obvious (i.e. might have a name different from the city), so NOAA's station finder can be used to browse a map to see the names of all stations in a location (select the "Normals Monthly" option and then zoom into the desired location to see stations).
  3. After selecting a station from the drop-down, click the "Generate climate template" button, and wait patiently (up to 30 seconds) until the text box loads the climate template for the station. In rare instances climate data may not be available for the selected station, in which case a series of alert boxes will display.
  4. Before copying the climate template to Wikivoyage update the location name in the climate template's "description" field since it will use the NOAA station name by default (example: "SAN FRANCISCO DOWNTOWN, CA US" → "Downtown San Francisco").

Please contact User:Wrh2 with suggestions or bug reports.

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