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This tool can be used to ensure that Wikivoyage articles that mention a target article contain a wikilink to that target article (for example, articles containing the text "Los Angeles Airport" should link to the Los Angeles International Airport article). Adding missing wikilinks can help to improve search engine ranking for the target article, and also improves site usability by ensuring that articles are correctly linked within Wikivoyage.

How to use this tool:

  1. Enter a link target for the article of interest to find all current articles that link to that article. For example, entering a link target of "Yosemite National Park" will show all articles that link to the Yosemite National Park article. Important: be sure to enter the actual article name, not a redirect ("United States of America" not "USA").
  2. Enter a search term to see all articles that contain that term. For example, when trying to find articles that should link to "Yosemite National Park" searching for "Yosemite", "Yosemite National Park", or a similar term would be appropriate.
  3. The "Articles Missing Links" column will populate with a list of all articles that contain the search term but DO NOT contain a link to the target article.
  4. Review each link in the "Articles Missing Links" column and convert the plain text to a wikilink if it is appropriate to do so.

Please contact User:Wrh2 with suggestions or bug reports.

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