Nearby Attraction Listing Generator

This tool will query Wikipedia for all articles located within a specified radius of a target article, and then generate Wikivoyage listings from the Wikipedia results. It is useful for finding attractions that may merit a listing in a Wikivoyage article, but requires manual review of the generated output before content is copied to Wikivoyage.

How to use this tool:

  1. Search for a destination of interest using the Wikivoyage article name, such as "Venice (California)". The search radius can be adjusted to increase or decrease the area being queried, and the maximum number of results can be updated to change the total number of results returned.
  2. Click "submit" and a number of listings will be automatically generated. Review each one to determine if:
  3. If a listing merits inclusion in Wikivoyage, edit the auto-generated description so that it is appropriate for Wikivoyage, fill in any listing fields that are missing, edit the listing tag type if necessary, and copy it into the appropriate Wikivoyage article.
  4. IMPORTANT: If a listing is copied to Wikivoyage proper attribution to the source Wikipedia article must be provided in the edit summary. An example of an appropriate edit summary would be "Adding Venice Canal Historic District, partially sourced from [[w:Venice Canal Historic District]]".

Please contact User:Wrh2 with suggestions or bug reports.

Nearby Attractions Tool
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