Images from the American West: Badwater Salt Flats

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Badwater Salt Flats

Badwater Salt Flats

Location: Death Valley National Park, California
Date: March 2002
Camera: Pentax ZX-50
While in the summer Death Valley is unbearably warm, the rest of the year it's much cooler, and in the evenings it's sometimes even a bit chilly. The Badwater Salt Flats are the lowest point in the United States and one of my absolute favorite spots to visit at dusk -- they stretch off for miles in all directions, and as night falls the colors change with the sunset before darkness sets in and the sky fills with more stars than I've ever seen in any spot anywhere else in the world. It's an experience that changes one's view of the desert, allowing you to see past the barren landscape and really take notice of the beauty that's there.